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Cerus Partners


Cerus Partners


At Cerus Partners, we team with middle market firms to help optimize opportunities for growth, using our proprietary approach. We undertake these challenges by deploying proficient teams that use precisely selected tools, delivered by implementing practical, efficient methods.

In short, we leverage resources to unlock value

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Our Mindset


Our Mindset

We believe in continuity, innovation, impactful solutions, and the democratization of knowledge.  

We strive to prove that price is not a proxy for quality, and that middle-market companies need not operate at a disadvantage. In fact, we work to exploit our clients' natural advantages, neutralize or convert their weaknesses to strengths, and apply that approach to achieve their goals, moving in the direction of realizing their desired outcome. 

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Solution focus


Solution focus

Our talented team tailors solutions that match the needs of your market, your organization, and your people. We have been working with our clients for years to help solve their most complex business challenges. Cerus Partners also understands that at times, we need to resist the urge to over-complicate issues and simply resolve the challenge in order to approach the next priority. 

From strategy through to execution, Cerus Partners applies an innovative approach to leveraging tools, analytics and process to solving problems and addressing opportunities for growth. 

Business Development & Sales

The pipeline of your business is the most critical part of your ability to grow.  Cerus Partners has expertise in creating a brand, marketing your company's services and products, creating an effective sales strategy and team to execute upon it, and where possible, build strong partnerships to take your growth to the next level.

Corporate Strategy & Planning

Strategy is a word that can apply to many things, but at the core of your company there needs to be an overarching strategy and plan that considers where you will compete and how will you win. All the supporting components of strategy involve the people, process, and technology your company needs to do this successfully. Cerus Partners has many success stories of creating strategies that serve as a road map for your organization to compete. 

M&A Advisory

There are many reasons to consider a merger or acquisition: to gain a competitive advantage or increase market share, increase capability, diversify your products or services, add or replace leadership, reduce costs, or even survive economic downturn.  Cerus Partners has experience in advisory on all aspects of M&A, on the sell side, buy side, ownership transition, or raising capital. 

Corporate Finance

All companies have some kind of transactional or even analytical corporate finance infrastructure in place. However, it’s often useful and often critical to have an independent, third party to assist with determining financial direction, maximizing shareholder value or positioning your company. Cerus Partners helps your organization create a practical plan to optimize growth, enhance profitability and develop an exit strategy that fits with the objectives of owners, management and employees.

Human Resources & Talent Development

People are the most important resource you have. Simply having an excellent product or service won't bring success to your company  without a talented leadership team and strong workforce.  In the competitive marketplace today, successful companies need a strategy for building and developing a strong team, rewarding them, engaging them, and giving them opportunities to grow and making room for new hires in your talent pipeline.  We have experience in creating strategies to manage the HR life cycle, and building a top-notch team that grows as your company grows.

Information Technology & Data

Using technology and data to run your business is a critical part of every company's growth strategy. Employ data to make business decisions, better serve your clients, and implement technology applications that can streamline all your business processes.  Many companies just don’t know where to start.  Let Cerus Partners work with you to develop a plan for using technology and data that can be implemented cost-effectively and with measureable benefits over time. 

Operations & Process Improvement

Often companies who start small and grow with a successful launch of a product or service become mired in operational confusion that can prevent next-level growth.  Business Process Improvement is a management technique that can be used in virtually every industry and everything your company does to reduce errors, improve quality, improve the client experience and satisfaction, and lower expenses. Let Cerus Partners help you get started.


Industry Discipline


Industry Discipline

Our talented team tailors our solutions to match the needs of your market, your organization, and your people. 

Financial Services

Whether your financial services firm is in accelerating growth mode, static growth mode, or even declining growth mode, at any stage of growth, financial services firms at a broad level are trying to accomplish three main things:

Client revenue growth.  Growth is generated from individual or business clients, and can results from many sources: new relationships through referrals or marketing, existing client’s share of wallet with one provider or bringing new assets through job changes, by adding new services, generational growth from families, etc.  Do you have a clear strategy and plan for driving this growth?

 Deepen relationships.  Firms know that improving the relationship they have with their clients will make the relationship “stickier” which brings more growth and less likelihood to leave.  You can deepen relationships by adding new services, improving the level of attention and service, increasing feelings of good will, etc.  The status of your relationship with the client is often measured by NPS (Net Promoter Score) which is a measure of client loyalty. Firms always want to increase their NPS. Do you have a clear strategy and plan for deepening client relationships?

Improve process.  Firms want to run more efficiently with fewer expenses.  They also want to make fewer errors handling client transactions, which prevents client calls and dissatisfaction.  Focus on process improvement is often the lowest priority focus area in a fast paced-business, but can lead to big results in profitability and client retention. Following methodologies that lead to measurable process improvement with fewer steps, resources required, and lower error rates can be simple or complex, but have great positive impact on the bottom line.  Having six sigma experts lead you through it will ensure success and results you can measure.

We have experience in creating solutions in each of these three areas. Work with Cerus Partners to create and implement solutions to your toughest business challenges in your firm.

GLOBAL markets and strategy

We help clients assess and access global markets through a unique set of assets – an extensive network of highly-placed contacts and organizational partners; a process for matching U.S. products and services to specific market opportunities; and a proprietary technology platform for introducing qualifying ‘green products and services’ to a government support network of thousands of leading S&T companies throughout China.    

Whatever the product or service, we provide:

  • Snap assessments of a company’s strategic goal and operational capability for international engagement;
  • Roadmaps for positioning a company’s product or service for one or more international markets using a suite of cost-effective services to research the market, spot-test market response, and evaluate the market opportunity
  • Introductions to commercial partners (agents, distributors, strategic partners); facilitating partners (trade development organizations drawn from our extensive network); and/or financial partners (i.e., potential investors) 
  • On-the-ground referral assistance for initial stages of market entry by helping to schedule appointments, coordinate transportation and accommodation, arrange translating or interpreting assistance, etc.

Beyond this generic set of services available for any product/service in any market, we provide more in-depth market access support for ‘green products and services’ qualified as well-suited for priority markets in China, India and elsewhere.  In China, this support is based on our inventory of assets (people, process and tools) developed through five years of clean energy commercial engagement at the city, regional, and national levels under the bi-national Ten Year Framework for U.S.-China Cooperation on Energy and Environment.


Specialty materials (chemicals) are high-value-added products used as catalysts, intermediates, components, protectants or additives in a wide variety of products and applications. They are generally produced in relatively small volumes, must satisfy well-defined performance requirements and specifications, and are often critical components of end products, catalysts for the production of end products or components used in end products.

Because they are tailored to meet customer needs this results in a close relationship between the producer and the customer in industrial sectors dependent on specialty materials such as automotive/transportation, aerospace, food, cosmetics, agriculture, general manufacturing and textile industries. Cerus Partners specializes in the protective packaging, transportation, and construction (building materials) fields. 

“Next Level” Strategies for Specialty Material Clients

  • Organic growth
  • Traditional Sales/Marketing strategy and execution
  • Product Development
  • Supply Chain optimization
  • Innovation platform
  • Geographic expansion
  • Acquisition / Merger 

Business technology & data

Companies that build Technology tools and/or provide services as a core-competency have a unique set of challenges. Whether it's resource management, project management or strategic planning, our experience allows us to get up to speed quickly and make an impact on your timeline. As you   ...organization blends proprietary knowledge having "been there done that", along with strategic partners to create a seamless solution.  We break this market segment into three categories:

  • Pure play B to B technology driven organizations
  • B to C technology
  • B to B technology advisory, staffing, and/or solutions organizations

We're uniquely positioned to work with you and your team: 

  • Business developments - jv, sales and strategic partnerships, fundraising
  • Acquisition -  buy- or sell-side
  • Operations - customer service, process, talent acquisition and retention, project 
  • Strategy development -  scale, analytics

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Our Team


Our Team

At the core of Cerus Partners' success is our people. Each partner has an extensive track-record of success, building, innovating, solving problem and optimizing opportunities. While we have a strong framework supported by an innovative support structure, our success is driven by our team. Cerus has been created to bring industry and functional experts together with counterparts in middle/lower market firms to leverage the experience of these experts in solving problems and implementing solutions that can take your firm to the next level of growth. 

Meet our team.

Bill Young

Bill is Founder and Managing Partner of Cerus Partners. He has a 20+ year track-record of success that includes a diverse background of skills and industries, utilizing both proven models and techniques while at the same time, employing a heuristic approach to problem-solving and business development.

Bill founded QaAssociates, a quality assurance solutions company focused on Fortune 500 organizations that are building and integrating mission-critical applications and systems.  He built the company into a globally recognized brand, developed a proprietary quality assurance framework: The Progressive V Model ™, and sold QaA to one of the largest privately-held companies in the world.  Post-transition, Bill served as VP of Strategy, Global Services Division. After exiting successfully, along with Cerus, Bill founded Neos Ventures, an early stage investment platform, focused on investing in innovative technology solutions.  

Mr. Young is on the Executive Committee of China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (CPGP), which helps a variety of world-class organizations convert on globally significant opportunities in the China market. Bill is a graduate of Penn State, and currently serves as an Entrepreneurship Adjunct at Villanova School of Business. 


Carole is the Cerus Partners Financial Services industry partner.  She specializes in strategic planning, people leadership and talent development, implementation of technology and business process improvements in Financial Services firms.  She has over twenty-five years of experience in the corporate environment, working in the areas of Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, and Operations. 

She spent twenty-three years with Vanguard, one of the world’s largest investment companies, in leadership roles across multiple divisions of the firm.  In her community, Carole serves as Chairman of the board of directors for Family Support Services, a United Way agency, and serves on the Penn State Smeal College of Business Alumni Society.  

Carole earned a B.S. in Marketing from The Pennsylvania State University, and a MBA in Information Systems from Saint Joseph’s University. She is an adjunct faculty member at Villanova University.

Tim Austin

Tim is the Cerus Partners Specialty Materials industry advisor. He has spent over 25 years working for Fortune 500 companies, ultimately leading to a successful career as a global sales, marketing and operations executive, with a track record of effectively optimizing highly technical businesses in the packaging and specialty materials segment.

He has extensive international experience, working overseas in developing markets throughout China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe. He has developed and implemented strategic plans both domestically and in emerging markets and regions, for small, mid-size and large companies.

Tim is a graduate of Bucknell University, and holds a degree in Political Science and Government.

Terry Cooke

Terry is the Cerus Partners Global Strategy industry partner.  He is a recognized world expert in U.S.-Asian clean energy trade and investment.  He is the Founding Director of the China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (CPGP), and teaches global sustainability and U.S.-China clean energy cooperation at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fox Leadership International Program.  He is also the author of Sustaining U.S.-China Cooperation in Clean Energy, published by the Woodrow Wilson Center in 2012.

Terry previously served as Director for Asian Corporate Partnership at the World Economic Forum, (organizer of the Davos Annual Meeting) and as a career-member of the U.S. Senior Foreign Commercial Service. His overseas postings were as the U.S. Government’s senior commercial officer in Taipei and Berlin, as the deputy senior commercial officer in Tokyo and as commercial officer in Shanghai.

Terry is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley (Ph.D. and M.A.) and Princeton University (B.A.). He has diplomatic fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, German and French.

lee galtman

Lee is the Cerus Partners Corporate Finance industry partner.  He has worked in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions in various capacities and from varying perspectives since 1986. His focus has been on evaluating, structuring and negotiating private placements and advising middle market business owners in the sale of their companies. Lee has worked with clients in a variety of industries including transportation & logistics, basic manufacturing, communications, green technology, business services, energy, financial services, retail, and outsourcing services and has raised multiple tranches of capital for clients ranging in size from $5MM to $350MM in revenues. 

Prior to founding Elkins Park Capital in late 2002, Lee worked as a lender, an equity principal and a financial intermediary in the following positions and since 2006 has served as a director of  Wellbridge Capital Partners, an interim CFO for two start up technology companies and an advisor to three local financial advisory firms.

Lee received his MBA in Finance from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in Economics. 


Strategic Partners


Strategic Partners

Organizations may need to look outside of their organization for talent, for many reasons, including resource constraints, knowledge gaps, etc. When needed, Cerus Partners brings in one or more of their strategic partners to do the same. We have had the opportunity to team with many organizations over the years; we selected these organizations to work with us to deliver world-class service to our clients. 


Wellbridge is a private equity firm that seeks investment opportunities primarily in lower middle market companies in the Aerospace, Defense and Government Services (ADG) industry as well as in related industries that have a high degree of commonality with core capabilities and competencies found in ADG organizations.  Wellbridge originates, structures and invests in traditional buyouts, recapitalizations and growth capital investments for profitable companies where we can leverage our expertise and industry experience to achieve a positive impact.  Our goal is to work with management to improve the businesses in which we invest while delivering superior returns to our investors.

Gotham Growth group

Gotham Growth has substantial experience in navigating the Human Capital/Talent Management market by providing execution of successful partnerships, alliances, funding/financing and M&A strategies that accelerate growth and increase profits.

We put our position at risk... Our success is tied directly to the success of our clients. Our model is one of shared risk and reward. Every GOTHAM GROWTH partner carries an intense commitment to excellence that is reflected in the passion we bring to our work. Why? Our compensation is dependent on our mutual success. For that reason, not every opportunity is a fit.

China Partnership of greater philadelphia (CPGP)

The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (CPGP) is the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region’s hub for U.S.-China clean energy commercial collaboration under the U.S.-China Ten Year Framework for U.S.-China Cooperation in Energy and Environment, signed in 2009 by Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao and subsequently expanded by Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping.  The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia helps individual U.S. and Chinese companies navigate this broad and complex landscape of opportunity to discover where and how to unlock the U.S. clean energy economy for their benefit. 

2009年,《中美能源环境十年合作框架》获得奥巴马总统与胡锦涛主席的认可,在此框架协 议之下成立了大费城中国合作组织 (CPGP),该组织是大西洋海岸中部地区中美清洁能源合作 项目的中心所在,为中国投资者提供“一站式”服务 。

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Join Us


Join Us

Cerus Partners' Flexible Resource Model is based on partnering with people and organizations who have particular skill sets in specific industries to deliver results for our clients.  We are always looking for talented individuals to work with us.  Please contact us if you have consulting, industry or functional expertise in the following areas: Corporate Finance, Financial Services, Global Markets, Specialty Materials, or Technology & Data.